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Blog Posts

Have you heard about new “Performance Edition” of has announced “Performance Edition” – a new edition that includes Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, (Salesforce Platform),, & Salesforce Identity. Priced at USD 300 Per User, the Performance Edition will be available from Nov 4, 2013. The idea seems to be to tie all the products together and offer under one license.

New Setup Menu in Summer 13

Setup menu in has been reorganised in a more logical structure. While earlier you had to click on your name -> setup, it has now been placed on the main screen itself besides your name so that you have one click access to setup menu from where ever you are within Salesforce.

Search for Keywords in Chatter Posts

Just the feature I was looking for. Summer 13 introduces a feature whereby you can search for keywords in chatter posts. Navigate to the Chatter tab. Select the chatter section on the left side bar to show all feeds. Click on the magnifying glass just above the feeds and enter the search keyword. All the chatter posts containing the keyword will be displayed with the keyword highlighted in yellow.

Selectively Copy Data to a Full Sandbox

Staring with Summer 13, you can select the objects data you would like to copy to the full Sandbox. Navigate to Setup -> Deploy -> Sandboxes -> Sandbox Template and click on New Sandbox Template. Specify the name and description and specify the object data you want in your sandbox. Once saved as a template, you can reuse this template to create the full sandboxes

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