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Useful URLs for

Here is a list of all the useful URLs on

As URLs change frequently, if any of the following URL is not working, please leave a comment with details and I will update the URL. Also if you come across any other URL that is useful for, do let me know. I will include that URL in the list here.

The rights that you should have as a customer when using cloud computing services

Gartner Global IT Council for Cloud Services has come up with six rights and one responsibility that you should have a customer when using cloud computing for your IT requirements. The full article is available here. Here is a brief snapshot of these rights & responsibilities.

With cloud you can have your entire IT setup from 0 to 100% in just a day!

“The day may not be too far off when an entrepreneur will wake up with a good idea, have the IT capacity in place by breakfast, the sales force ready by lunch and the distribution center, HR and payroll functions up and running by dinner.” – That’s the power of cloud computing.Read the full article by James Harris and Steven Nunn where they highlight the benefits of cloud computing.

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