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Step By Step Guide to Setting Up SSO in Salesforce with Google

Salesforce Single Sign-On SSO with Google

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to access multiple applications with one set of credentials. They don’t need to remember the userid / password for each application separately. It’s like having a magic key that automatically opens all the other doors once you enter through one¬†door.

To set up SSO, you need to designate one system that will authenticate the user and all other systems will trust that one system and allow users to log in. The system that authenticates users is called “Identity Provider” or IdP and all the other systems that trust IdP are called “Service Provider” or SP.

Salesforce Flows – 25 Features Introduced in Summer ’22 Release

Salesforce Flows Summer 22 Features

Flows is the present and future of Automation in Salesforce and continues to take more and more Centre stage. Every Salesforce release contains tens of enhancements to Flows. In Summer ’22 Release of Salesforce, we could find about 25 enhancements related to Salesforce Flows.

And here is our top pick from these enhancements:

How to Show Progress Indicator in Salesforce Screen-Flows

Flows is one of the most powerful declarative features in Salesforce. It is like a Swiss army knife that you can use for different purpose in different situations.

Screen-Flow is one of the five types of Flows that Salesforce currently offers. Screen-Flow allows you to build rich, dynamic custom UIs and can potentially replace your low to medium complexity Visualforce Page, Aura or Lighting Web Components.

If your screen flow comprises of multiple screens that the users have to navigate through to complete a particular business process, you may want to display a progress indicator for a better user experience.

For example, if the user has to enter the Account details first, then Contact details and then Case details, displaying a progress indicator highlighting all the steps that the user needs to complete and an indication of where they currently are in the process can be an icing on the cake. Something like the following image.

Progress Indicator in Salesforce Screen-Flows
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