Be a Guest Salesforce Blogger

Came across any great idea, tip, trick or hack while working on Why not share it with others. Not only will this help other fellow professionals and users, this will also help you in increasing your visibility in the community.

I invite you to be a guest blogger on my blog and share your knowledge with others. All you need to do is to email your article to me at keeping the following guidelines in mind (Full credit will be given to you for your post. All your articles will be published with your name along with link to your LinkedIn profile and any one URL of your choice. The URL can be a link to your blog, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus profile):

  • Your post must be related to It can be a tip, trick, hack, step-by-step guide, eBook, code, solution design, document templates or anything else that you think will be of interest to others. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the length of your article. One-liner posts are also welcome if it is useful
  • Please submit posts created by you (and NOT copied from anywhere else). Plagiarism is not acceptable. However if you have taken reference from some other article or blog post and have come up with your own post, do mention those sources as references in your post. It is always to good acknowledge others for their work
  • Screenshots, images, videos, info-graphics, mind-maps makes posts interesting to read and easier to understand. Use these assets wherever appropriate and attach these assets to the email along with your article
  • Please do not submit anything that is confidential or the intellectual property of your organization. When submitting screenshots, ensure that it does not reveal any confidential information about your organization’s Salesforce data
  • Please do ensure that your post is not similar to another post that has already been published on my blog. It will be a good idea to do a search (on the right sidebar) before submitting your post
  • Please do note that I will review your post and either edit it myself or may ask you to edit before publishing it. Or I may choose not publish the post if the post does not fit in the content strategy of my blog. Hope to have your understanding the same
  • Your articles published on my blog must NOT be published anywhere else. Google hates duplicate contents. I will have to remove your article from my blog if I find that it has been published elsewhere also.

So why wait? Share your knowledge about Salesforce and be recognized.